Top 10 Best Refrigerator in India 2021- December [Buying Guide]

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Are looking for the best refrigerator in India for 2021, Therefore I’ve mentioned devices with a High Configuration and other interesting functions has, The refrigerators will be one of the considerable on most essential home appliances list for 2021, And you are thinking to buy a machine according to the base of your requirements.

But you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the refrigerator and important components you have to focus on while buying a new one, Because while you looking forward to choosing the machine, Maybe rise few questions like How to choose, Which one, Which capacity based? and what are energy rating and more other asks and doubts related it,

Then stay here for a few minutes to get a complete brief explanation through Best Refrigerator in India 2021,  and the best top picks from our experts, So stay tuned till the end and have some knowledge of it and grab a machine according to the exact suitable one.

List of the Top 10 Best Refrigerator in India 2021 – December

  1. Whirlpool 265-liter Refrigerator
  2. Amazon Basics 564 L Refrigerator
  3. Whirlpool 260 L Refrigerator
  4. Samsung L 230 Refrigerator
  5. Haier 320 L Refrigerator
  6. AmazonBasics Refrigerator
  7. Samsung 345L Refrigerator
  8. Godrej 328 L Refrigerator
  9. Samsung 366 L Refrigerator
  10. Haier 256 L 3 Star

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

1]. Whirlpool 265-liter Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator in India

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The Whirlpool 265-liter refrigerator will be considered as the first refrigerator on the list because valid reasons are to be there and you are curious to know about it, Therefore fall to see more.

Design & Styles: Talking about the actual design of the device, It’s a pretty decent look, german steel covered by the outside, So it was also shining as well as better views than other similar machines. It was suitable with a store this machine at your kitchen or living area for improving your home looks from inside.

Material: In this refrigerator, whirlpool offers German technology-based advanced research-oriented German steel, This material type could give more security while changing the placement of the machine from scratches and damages, So it will consider as easy to move and use.

Configuration: While buying a product the specification of the device pros & cons awareness was the most essential factor for opting for the perfect one, So come let have a look at what are the features this refrigerator had. Basically,

This refrigerator comes with 3- stars energy rating, and it is enough, and inverter technology is the primary reason for impress you to buy this one.

Expect Adaptive intelligence for the long-lasting freshness of storage things, an Anti-micro block additive that prevents up to 99% bacterial growth.

Whirlpool brand will provide a 1-year warranty on the product and  10 years on the compressor, and this brand has approximately 300+ service centers in India & which might probably be located in India’s famous cities.

Suitable for: This refrigerator was suitable in particular for small families [3-4 members] and bachelors.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Anti-Micro block technology
  • Certified, Brand product
  • German steel Technology

Reasons to Avoid: 

  • Consume more power
  • Limited features

Verdict: The overall configuration of this machine is average and expert of that, You get other interesting and unique special things in this device.

2]. Amazon Basics 564 L Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

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I would like to suggest amazonbasics for the 2nd position on the list, you get a side-by-side type in this machine, and also you might get several amazing specs that can inspire you to buy now, Read more below.

Design & Style: AmazonBasics comes with a side-by-side feature that is amazing f the machine to give a more extreme look for inside ad out.

Material: This refrigerator has covered with stainless steel with outside and also includes glass-finish, Because of it. easy to clean and maintain.

Configuration: I’m sure about that ‘whenever you’re planning to buy any home appliance or other devices, You just focus on Configuration of the machine and it’s an important also, So this refrigerator had few interesting and average specs come let discuss.

The Water Dispenser and auto defrost technology that prevents excess ice build up automatically, The LED Display panel that instant & easy control and access, energy-saving and 4-star of energy rating with Power saving mode.

Talking about warranty, the manufacturer provides, 1 year on product and 5 years on compressor, But the procedure of climbing warranty & services are to be risky steps. So in this category, an average responding chances from customer care.

Suitable: This refrigerator was exactly suitable for 5-6 or more members family.

Reasons to Buy: 

  • Huge capacity of 564 liter
  • side by side type
  • Glass coating outside

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Service is not good enough

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3]. Whirpool 260 L Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

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The Whirlpool triple door refrigerator was an extremely good spec of the machine and because of it, considered as a special one of this list. You don’t have an idea about why, There are proper reasons mentioned below, So stay tuned till the end to know all about whirlpool 260L.

Design & Style: The 3-door for 3 types of store option gives more looks than others and the steel coating of the machine was improve the looks by shining bright.

Material: A 60 Kg of alpha steel-based material was also a good one.

Configuration: This machine has double-door and auto defrost technology to avoid ice-build up, A zeolite technology offered by the brand prevents excessive fruits and vegetables,

Keeps them fresh for a long time, and comes with a customizable temperature knob for storing delicacies like cheese and others, It controls the circulation of cold air So that each compartment receives the uniform cooling that it requires.

Whirlpool brand will provide a 1-year warranty on the product and  10 years on the compressor, and this brand has approximately 300+ service centers in India & which might probably be located in India’s famous cities.

Reasons to Buy:

  • 300L of the storage
  • A Guaranteed Product

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Limited features

4]. Samsung L 230 Refrigerator

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Samsung L 230 refrigerator had 1000 Plus Trusted and Satisfied Customers for this Product, Inverter Technology Based on Samsung 230 L some interesting things and latest technology.

Design & Style: Samsung L 230 refrigerator Iceland handle for easy access and its minimized design looks model with steel coating outside to give an impressive look.

Configuration: This machine was once and digital inverter Technology and also stabilizer free operating and prevents power fluctuation errors, protect the environment with solar panel generated electricity up to 300v of the voltage range.

A large capacity of Vege box provides a convenient place to tour on of our fresh vegetables and things, Touch and glass shelves it’s a teapot with Touch and glass shelves design and tilted to hold a weight of up to 1 75 kg safety,

It has one more informative component that is clean to find with the safe and power efficient the brighter lab inside the fridge,

I would like to inform you about the warranty and service of Samsung is extremely best one of the day because the brand provides one year of a warranty on product and 10 years on compressor,  it has around 3000+ service centers in India that’s why I suggest this one.

Verdict: The great 3-star of energy rating Del to without fluctuation and 230 liters capacity and few other interesting complaints it has so you have to decide

 Reasons to Buy:

  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Lamp exist, insider,
  • Certified Services

Reasons to Avoid

  • Small one.

5]. Haier 320 L Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

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One more interesting 2 stars energy rating oriented Haier 320 L Refrigerator of the list, with massive specs.

Design & Style: Haier BM (Bottom Mounted) Double Door Refrigerator presents an attractive and aesthetic design with an attractive shade of Moon Silver which gives a modern and opulent look to your kitchen.

Material: The completely frost-free operations makes sure your freezer isn’t choked up with frost. Because it has steel-covered coating outside and fiber shelves for store more comfortably.

Suitable: This Refrigerator was suitable in particular for 3-4 or more members or bachelors families.

Configuration: Basically, this refrigerator comes with PUF insulation, inverters compressor and also you get spill-proof toughened glass for easy cleaning.

It has one funny and interesting feature it has, that was twin inverter technology it means it operates under both compressor and fan for work more efficiently, According to your requirements based you can optimize it.

A stabilizer-free operation helps you to prevent power fluctuation errors and secure from them.

Haier offers 10 years of warranty on the compressor of the machine and a 1-year warranty on the product.

While talking about service of hair was also one of the good service providers of this list with all over India level.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Consumes less power
  • PUF Technology
  • 320 liters capacity

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Only on the color option

6]. AmazonBasics

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

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The quality of AmazonBasics products is great, although the prices are also high. Such is the case with this refrigerator, which has a large capacity of 335L which is suitable for a family of 4 to 5 members. It offers excellent construction and exceptional cooling performance. It is rated 3 stars, so you get good energy efficiency. It comes with an inbuilt stabilizer, so there is no need to spend extra on an external stabilizer.

The refrigerator comes with linear cooling. This cooling system minimizes the temperature difference between different sections of the fridge to ensure uniform cooling.

It helps in maintaining the freshness of food for 14 days. 335L Gross Capacity: Suitable for singles, couples, and growing families, featuring uniform and even cooling technology that circulates cold air from the rear panel for effective cooling,

Comes with a Vegetable Crisper with 335L Capacity and Automatic Humidity Control to keep vegetables fresh, Equipped with 5 Toughened Glass Shelves for Extra Durability; It also comes with a deodorizer to keep the cooling compartment fresh and odor-free.

Inverter compressor helps to further save on power consumption by optimizing compressor speed. It comes with a convertible fridge feature that lets you use the freezer as a fridge if you need extra storage space when you need it.

AmazonBasics refrigerators also come with a door cooling feature, which ensures uniform temperature and cools the fridge faster than conventional cooling systems.

Overall it is a balanced refrigerator. If you are looking for Double Door Refrigerator under 35000 from big brands like AmazonBasics, then choose this one.

Reasons to Buy

  • Anti- Bacteria Deodorizer
  •  Uniform Cooling

Reasons to Avoid

  • Poor customer service

7]. Samsung 345L Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

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Samsung offers a complete range of electronic gadgets that are best in their category. When it comes to double door refrigerators, the Samsung 345L 3 Star Frost Free model is one of the best refrigerators in India. It has built-in frost-free doors to detect ice build-up and defrost it automatically.

It has a capacity of 345 liters, is suitable for a family of around 2-3 members, and has a 3-star energy rating. It comes with a digital inverter compressor which makes no noise and is highly durable.

Shelves Made of toughened glass material built to withstand the weight of heavy foods and other tough utensils, this product features Twin Cooling Plus technology to generate freezing from multiple sources based on your order.

A stabilizer-free operation is like a cherry on top of a cake and makes the refrigerator even more desirable. A door alarm is another feature of this machine, it comes with a user manual to help you with all your product-related concerns along with the warranty card.

Other features include a digital inverter technology and a Smart Connect inverter that works automatically. Samsung offers its customers a full-year warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on its compressor. The design and quality are top-notch which makes it the best refrigerator in India.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Twin cooling plus
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Door alarm

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Simply designed

8]. Godrej 328 L Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

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The capacity of this refrigerator is 328L and it is very spacious. It is suitable for a family of 4-5 members.

The refrigerator comes with Inverter Compressor: This means it has shelves with in-built air vents for greater efficiency, durability, and silent operation technology. These shelves provide better cooling when you place food on top of them. It also has a quick freeze feature that provides ice quickly.

Another great feature is the thickest PUF insulation for the best cooling retention to deliver long-lasting freshness. Which helps in keeping the food fresh for a long time. The carbon palladium deodorizer removes odors and destroys the ethylene trapped in the refrigerator, resulting in food delays.

The fridge is rated 3 stars and comes with an inbuilt stabilizer. If you want a good capacity refrigerator with good cooling and new features at an affordable price, this is a good option under 30000.

Fridge Freezer Convert’s 4 modes let you convert your freezer into a fridge or use the freezer space you need. You can use the freezer to preserve only frozen essentials and close the rest for holiday time or even convert the freezer to a refrigerator to store more vegetables. You can turn the fridge on and off or use the regular freezer fridge method when your needs are very limited.

Reasons to Buy

  • A 328L of capacity
  • Stylish looks

Reasons to Avoid

  • limited configuration

9]. Samsung 336 L Refrigerator 

Best Refrigerator under 35000

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This Samsung 336 L is the Best Refrigerator under 35000 in India 2021, and it’s occupied the position at the beginning of the list, It has a capacity of 336 liters and a 2-star energy rating, and its enough for medium size family, Double door Convertible refrigerator can provide the most efficient performance, And digital inverter technology can produce less noise to compare other similar products. and consume less electricity, stabilizer-free, solar compatible amazing machine.

In addition to them, Samsung offers a door alarm feature for work that’s a few years longer than expected and a natural fiber deodorizing filter eliminates strong odors as air passes through a carbon filter, Twin Cooling Plus Technology to maintain humidity up to 70% Preserves food during the level.

Reliable buyer reviews are also good when it comes to customer satisfaction on this machine, it has a 4 out of 5-star rating on the Amazon site, some people are mostly talking about the power outage, rating the internal cool pack food below 0 keeps. C up to 12 hours.

It’s also well known as a problematic product, due to it can reduce your electricity bill hike stress, however consuming low power in while.

Actually, Refrigerators, Washing machines or more other machines are to be considered as long time investment devices, So I would like to suggest to buy for work for the period without any errors or issues and work more efficiently, This one could be going to best buy in your list from trusted brand, satisfied customers reviews, reasonable configurations, and more other things matter.

In case of any repairs, no need to worry about finding a service center, because Samsung had 300+ trusted services centers all over India.

Reasons to Buy

  • Less Noise
  • Maintain 12 hours cool

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only 2-star energy Rating

10].  Haier 256 L 3 Star

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Haier has made one of the most beautiful refrigerators. The design of this refrigerator is just superb. Build quality and cooling are excellent. It is rated two stars according to the latest BEE standard and consumes less than 300 units of electricity per year. It works with the twin inverter technology, which improves cooling efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

The capacity is 256 liters, which is suitable for a family of 34. This Haier refrigerator also has a built-in stabilizer. and the fan can run at different speeds. This two-door BMR refrigerator has thicker PUF (rigid polyurethane foam) insulation compared to other traditional refrigerators, which helps keep low temperatures efficiently for better cooling. which means you don’t have to bend down all the time to scoop up fruits and vegetables.

The refrigerator also has 1-hour frosting technology that reduces the freezing temperature to 5 degrees Celsius in just 60 minutes. This can be very useful in the summer season. Further features of this refrigerator are hardened glass shelves and a double ice bowl that can be rotated 360 degrees. Cooling, a bottle protector, and a large vegetable drawer for storing vegetables and fruits. Overall it is a large two-door refrigerator under 25000-30000 in Haier India.

Reasons to Buy

  • PUF Technology
  • Aesthetic design with Attractive colors

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited color option

Best Refrigerator Buying Guide in 2021

Storage capacity:

One of the most essential features to look for in the best refrigerators is their storage capacity. Your kind of refrigerator has enough space for each member of the family. Graduates or couples need about 200 liters of the refrigerator. Small families need about 200 to 300 liters of storage space in their refrigerators to keep all their food items in one place.
Generally, for a family of 3 or more, 300. high capacity refrigerator

Energy efficiency:

The best refrigerators have an energy efficiency that suits your budget and power consumption requirement. The EER (Energy Efficient Rating) is one of the best ways to calculate your refrigerator’s units of energy. It falls in the range 1-5, with 1 being the least efficient. A 5-star energy-efficient refrigerator is the one that uses the least number of units of energy and is, therefore, the most efficient.

The electricity consumption by the refrigerator in a year is calculated annually in kWh. You also need to keep in mind that with the increasing number of stars, the price of the refrigerator also increases. Choosing the right kind of refrigerator with the right number of leads can be a daunting task. You can always go with a refrigerator that has a 3-star rating but has other features that are good for you.


The size of the refrigerator is one of the most important features of any refrigerator. To decide which size is appropriate for your home, you should look at your needs and the room in which you want to place your refrigerator.
Most people recommend 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four. But you may need more space if you go grocery shopping more than twice a week. For a large family, you will need a refrigerator with a capacity of 30 to 33 cubic feet.


Shelves are an important feature of the best types of refrigerators in India. The best types of refrigerators have about 7-8 different shelves to keep your food in a more organized way. A refrigerator with shelves is generally preferred over those that do not have many shelves. You can always choose the right type of refrigerator with fewer shelves if you wish.


A refrigerator deodorizer is provided in the best refrigerators so that the air inside the fridge is cleaned and odor particles from the stored food are removed at regular intervals. The deodorizer also helps in the inefficient operation of the refrigerator and maintains a long life span.

Ice and water dispensers: Even the best refrigerators can get damaged if they are not used properly. The frequent opening and closing of the fridge door cause the fridge to break before anything else. That is why the best refrigerators take care of this range and come with ice and water dispensers. The ice and water dispensers in a refrigerator make it possible to get water and ice out of your refrigerator without opening the fridge door.

Built-in voltage stabilizer:

We all want to have the best refrigerator for ourselves, but few people know how to maintain it. The life of a refrigerator largely depends on how well you use it, and also its built-in voltage stabilizer. The in-built voltage stabilizer helps extend the refrigerator’s life by supplying a constant voltage and protecting it from high voltage fluctuations without any external stabilizers.

Moisture control:

Another feature of the best types of refrigerators is humidity control. The Moisture Control feature helps keep your fruits, vegetables, and other perishable foods fresh as well as keep the moisture in your refrigerator longer.

Noise level:

The best refrigerators do not make much noise in their operation as they provide the least amount of friction and


The presence of separators in your refrigerator makes it even more desirable as they help to separate different fruits and vegetables into different compartments. It helps to organize your refrigerator better

Bottle Rack & Adjustable Shelves: The presence of a bottle rack and adjustable shelves make it possible for you to store large items. This is one of the features that make your refrigerator one of the best available in India.

Quick freeze bins:

The best refrigerators have a quick freeze compartment that makes ice more often than other compartments in a refrigerator. If you need ice for a short time, you can get ice from the Quick Freeze box. It is essential to have quick-freeze compartments to have more flexibility to be able to hold ice in the shortest possible time.

What are the different types of refrigerators in India?

Refrigerators can be of various types and can be classified based on the number and placement of their doors. The best types of refrigerators have multiple doors for different functions at different temperatures and can keep all your food items fresh according to their needs. These refrigerators are named after the number of doors and the placement of the doors.

Single Door Refrigerator: Single Door Refrigerators are the most basic refrigerators available in India, featuring a single door. It has a life span of more than ten years. The best type of single-door refrigerator is mostly suitable for small families, individuals, and couples.

Double Door Refrigerator: The best type of double door refrigerator has double doors. One of the two compartments in the freezer and the other in the fridge section. These types of refrigerators are ideal for a large family.

Triple Door Refrigerator: This type of refrigerator is also called French Door Refrigerator, which combines the efficiency of adjacent refrigerators and bottom-freezer models. This is an effective model that comes with two side doors and a drawer-style freezer. It will look great on your patio and bring versatility to your kitchen. It has a large stockpile for all your food items.

Side-by-Door Refrigerator: The side refrigerator looks like an almirah and adds more class to your interior. It is a slim-style refrigerator that has side-by-side doors, a vertical freezer, and a refrigerator next to them. The slim style limits the number of foods that can be stored in the refrigerator and is not energy efficient. On the other hand, it is very affordable and has the advantage of a small door swing space, making it ideal for small spaces. It comes with an external ice machine.

Bottom Mounted Refrigerator: Bottom-mounted refrigerators are very popular and have a very energy-efficient design. These types of refrigerators have good storage space and come in a variety of sizes. One of the benefits of these types of refrigerators is that the refrigerator is at your eye level and easy to handle with your vegetables placed in it.

Depending on how the refrigerator works or its defrosting type, refrigerators can be classified as direct cold refrigerators and frost-free refrigerators. Both operate in different ways and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Direct Cool Refrigerator: Depending on how cold the refrigerator is, a direct cold refrigerator may want cool air circulation in its sections. These types of refrigerators circulate naturally without any external help. In the case of natural air circulation, uneven temperatures are distributed in the refrigerator.
The difference in temperature causes the ice to build up and this difference can be controlled manually using a knob inside the refrigerator. Direct cooling technology is usually limited to single-door refrigerators and has some disadvantages.

Frost-Free Refrigerator: Another type of frost-free refrigerator found in refrigerators. Since it is a frost-free refrigerator, there is no building of frost or ice. Cooling air is circulated by electric fans using a process called convention. Since no ice is formed in the refrigerator, it does not need to be cleaned again and again. It is relatively expensive due to its fans and also consumes more electricity. This technology is commonly used in double door refrigerators, triple door refrigerators and adjacent refrigerators. It is considered the best type of refrigerator to keep food items fresh.

Another classification of refrigerators can be made based on the location of the freezer. The freezer can be placed at the top or bottom of the refrigerator and has different advantages and disadvantages. You need to look at every type of detail to choose the right type of refrigerator for you.

Top Freezer Refrigerators: This type of refrigerator is great for people who use a lot of ice and frozen foods. It can accommodate large platters, birthday cakes, or large pizza boxes. This is especially suitable for people who want to store and access food items in cold storage. One disadvantage of these types of refrigerators is that you have to bend down to get food for your regular use from the door below.

Freezer-free refrigerators at the top are usually the preferred choice. You should look for one of the compatible shelves so that you have the flexibility for maximum storage and it is possible

Freezer with Bottom Freezer: These types of refrigerators have a freezer on the bottom for a specific reason, meaning you don’t have to bend the fresh vegetables and fruits placed in your refrigerator. They have an upside-down look that makes them look attractive and helps you organize the food items placed in them.

This type of refrigerator has many benefits and it eliminates the need to bend your food when you need it. The only disadvantage of this type of refrigerator is that you have a lot of work to do to find food in your freezer.

Now that you know the various factors you need to check before buying this tool, let’s quickly go through the best options currently available on the market.

Different people have their own specific requirements when it comes to their own refrigerators. We have done the research and come up with a list of the best refrigerators in India to help you choose the best one for your needs while keeping a list of the features you need in your fridge. We’ve included customer reviews on each product to take a closer look at the product before investing in the product.


This generation is full of speed, and people want everything immediately. The constant need to serve everything on the plate of different people in the shortest possible time has made it possible to develop the best refrigerators in India. A good refrigerator helps you to store the food items and keep them fresh for a long time. Hence it is one of the most important members of any Indian family.

We have gone through a time when people only needed a fridge to get cold water. The best fridge in India offers more options than just getting a bottle of cold water. They offer you ample storage space along with the convenience of getting your water bottle without opening the door. In today’s era kitchen is not complete without the presence of this big appliance.

Check out the best refrigerators right now!
The latest models have the best possible features to keep you away from any kind of odor, are easy to maintain, and come with four or five doors. You can also take out a refrigerator drawer and get vegetables and other fruits. It’s important to invest in the best type of refrigerator because it’s the one that’s going to last you the longest.

Keeping your needs in mind, we researched multiple sources, both offline and online, and made a list of all the features you should look for in the best refrigerators in India. These features will help you choose the best refrigerator brand in India as per your requirement so that your refrigerator is worth every penny for you. By the end of this article, you will get the answer to your question ‘Which refrigerator is best in India’.

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