HP Pavilion 14 Review (2022): Specification, Price in India, Pros & Cons

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The HP Pavilion 14 Review (2022): In this post, I am going to Review the HP Pavilion 14 machine and its configurations, and the pros and cons of this machine. Build quality with capabilities and durable materials for many years and most things will definitely excite new buyers.

The HP Pavilion 14 is an excellent choice for business professionals and students, gaming and multipurpose such as coding, travel, and business visits.

HP Pavilion 14 Review (2022): Exploring in-depth

Today I am going to talk about that which we have reviewed HP Pavilion 14 Laptop with overall technical points, Firstly, most laptop or PC users are experiencing lag, heating, and a lack of built-in material quality and performance but this hp pavilion laptop is very unique and highly productive.

And speaking of compatibility and configurations of this machine, the first of it all is the same multipurpose laptop like the HP Pavilion x360, So it can handle business, working from home, daily use, video editing or coding, and part gaming and other things you can do.
Exploring in deeper: the 11th General Intel i5 processor, 14-inch anti-glare and IPS technology display, backlit keyboard, micro-edge display, and Iris Xe graphics card to handle graphical requirements, plus Alexa built-in for voice access. Device and fingerprint sensor for secure login.

HP Pavilion 14 Price in India 2022

By 2022, The HP Pavilion 14 Price in India 2022 will start from Rs. 71,000 on Amazon in the 1st week of Feb 2022, which is the base model of the HP Pavilion 14and comes with an i5 processor and 16 GB RAM, A 512 GB m.2 SSD.

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HP Pavilion 14: Specification

Processor Core i5
Display 14-Inch FHD
O/S Windows 11
Battery life 7 Hours an avg
Software includes MS Office & Home 2019
Special Specs Fingerprint Reader
Weight 1.41 Kg

HP Pavilion 14: Design and Build

It features a speaker grill and packaging materials made of durable marine plastic. Sturdy and long-lasting, its C-Bucket 3D metal design eliminates split lines – so the entire look is more elegant and premium.

With its superior color-range capabilities, HP Pavilion laptops ensure a spectacular display of colors on its FHS IPS display. With 14% larger touchpad for better user experience, multi-touch support, and ease of navigation.

Bring to life the visual experience. With FHD, 3-sided micro-edge bezel there is no color that looks too dull and every viewing experience is real. The Micro Edge Bezel design ensures that you have crystal clear graphics and a large screen to enjoy your favorite videos.

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HP Pavilion 14: Display

All the laptop buyers, whether gamers, business professionals, or any intentional buyers, are definitely focused on a quality display existing laptop, which I have given you,
On this laptop, the display is unpredictable because it is more durable with a 14 “inch diagonal FHD micro-edge BrightView screen and can produce 250 nits of display refresh rate and 45% NTSC (1920×1080) quality view.

HP Pavilion 14: Performance

Let’s know how this laptop can perform with your work, in this HP Pavilion 14 you get a very highly optimized processor with 4 cores 8 threads with Intel Core i5 Processor,

And Turbo Boost Technology Basis 4.5 GHz Clock Speed. Ranks well in processor benchmarks, also in this laptop you get 16GB of ddr4 ram for the handle that you are multitasking at the same time and for all your queries and show results within a few seconds,

And let’s talk about storage type in this laptop you get m.2 SSD storage with 512GB capacity so that you can store more to make it faster and safer than others.

HP Pavilion 14: Operating system Graphics Card

The HP Pavilion 14 Laptop has Windows 11 Operating System, forget the latest updated Windows Operating System experience, and Intel Iris Xe Graphics will deliver quality performance on your graphical needs like gaming animations, video editing, and other essentials.

HP Pavilion 14: Keyboard and Trackpad

The Keyboard and trackpad are all the major things that you have to focus on when you are planning to learn that in this laptop you get a backlit keyboard for day and night use and a smooth inbuilt trackpad, so it Can provide long-lasting performance.

HP Pavilion 14: Audio & Webcam Quality

An excellent B&O dual speaker and Alexa built-in surely give you the quality experience of audio and HD webcam, both these combinations will excite you amazingly.

HP Pavilion 14: Battery and Charging

The Battery life was estimated to be around 7 hours on average and it takes 2 hours for a full charge, with 1 Lithium-ion battery required.

HP Pavilion 14 Is really Good?

Made from Ocean Bound Plastic – Features a speaker grille and packaging material made from ocean-bound plastic that is long-lasting. You need a machine that talks to you and allows you to easily carry it wherever you go.

Sturdy and long-lasting, its C-Bucket 3D metal design eliminates parting lines – so the overall look is more elegant and premium. Metal and that smooth anodized finish on both the A cover and the C deck.

Lightweight performance- At 1.41kg, this lightweight laptop ensures that you can carry it anywhere without feeling the weight in your bag or in your hands. Let every image and graphic on your screen come to life with the powerful Iris Plus graphics.

Fingerprint Reader – With different levels of security, the device comes with the exclusive feature of a fingerprint reader. We should take care of your safety when you build something bigger and better.

Progressive Design – With their superior color-ranging capabilities, HP Pavilion laptops ensure a stunning display of colors on their FHS IPS display. Ease of access and utterly comfortable design allow you to maximize the potential of your machine. With a 14% larger touchpad for better user experience, multi-touch support, and ease of navigation

State-of-the-art Performance – Bring the visual experience to life. With the FHD, 3 sided micro-edge bezel there is no color that feels too dull and every viewing experience feels real.

Tackle all your creative and intense projects with ease and enjoy watching yourself truly. The micro-edge bezel design ensures that you have crystal clear graphics and a large screen to enjoy your favorite videos.

Enriched Audio – Experience rich and authentic audio through Bang & Olufsen Play. Each sound is enriched to immerse you in a sound that takes you far. Combine this with dual HP speakers and HP Audio Boost to bring every note and sound to life, whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie.

Live life without limits with 11th generation Intel Core processors – the laptop that gets the job done. Be more productive and smooth your switches between games, entertainment, and creative tasks when you have the latest 11th generation Intel Core processors, up to 16GB of dual-channel 3200 DDR4 memory and Intel Iris XE integrated graphics.

Experience powerful performance and seamless computing for your daily tasks. It includes great full HD entertainment with improved productivity, smooth streaming, and an immersive, anti-glare display. Plus, get a huge performance advantage with SSDs—they’re faster to start, faster to stop, and faster to transfer data.

Alexa Built-in – The height of ease of living. With Alexa built-in, you can control your entertainment without any hassle. Ask and you’ll get it – whether it’s the season or even your favorite song. All you need to do is ask.

LIBERATING BATTERY LIFE – Worried about your running out of power while traveling for long periods of time? Then put your worries aside and get an HP Pavilion laptop that comes with super-fast charging.

Enjoy a fast, intuitive, and amazingly responsive computing experience that lets you do all your tasks without any worries.

Made with a battery that is smartly optimized for system demands and other battery parameters to deliver the best possible performance. HP Adaptive Battery Fast Charge w/ 65W Adapter -50% less time will allow you to get more hours back in less time.

Final Word: I hope you are doing well and enjoyed this review of HP Pavilion 14, therefore kindly share this with your friends and family.

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