Samsung Washing Machine 6.5 kg Price, Review 2022

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In this post, I will give an in-depth review of a Samsung 6.5kg washing machine with the pros and cons and all the factors that might lead you to the possibility of two wires and 1 cup to make your own right now.

The Samsung 6.5kg Fully Automatic Washer is the latest version of the Samsung brand that comes with the top-rated configuration which attracts us to buy with a gentle wash of clothes I mean the laundry does the job smoothly without any error is done.

Samsung Washing Machine 6.5 Kg Specifications

Technology Magic Filter
Type Top load-Fully Auto
Spin Speed 680 RPM
Special one Child Lock
Capacity 6.5 KG
Suitable for 3-4 Members Family
Item Weight  29.5 KG

Additional Information

Samsung Washing Machine 6.5 kg Review 2022

The Samsung 6.5kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine comes with Imperial Silver color with Diamond Drum for long time use, 680 rpm high spin speed of fast-drying,

And 6 plus washable programs like normal quick wash social general energy Saving Eco Tube dedicates itself to cleaning. More other interesting features include.

The Samsung 6.5kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine was extremely well designed with the initiative LED Control Panel for digital control option,

A powerful washing of clothes with center and make your laundry technique very easy and that monsoon Apart from that there is more for Indian specific use. Their terms on water level selector and all these things will provide amazing performance on your daily use.

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Samsung Washing Machine 6.5 kg Price:

By 2022, The Samsung Washing Price in India 2022 will start from Rs.14,590 on Amazon in the 1st week of June 2022, which is the base model of the Samsung washing machine, and you can opt frond load washer at the same capacity but that’s starting price is around 30k.

 Drum and Spin

Experts suggest buyers go for Diamond Drum over the other as it protects your clothes from getting damaged. The unique “Soft Curl” design of the Diamond Drum washes very effectively while taking care of clothing.

So Samsung also focused on intentionally offering Diamond Drum and the spinning speed of 680 RPM and it’s an average but enough for 3-4 members family.


Samsung 6.5kg washer has a very decently customized display panel with 20+ operating options like Super Cleaning, Jeans, Delicates, Eco Pub Cleaning, and other interesting menu options that it offers. with the help of this, you can use this machine much easier and gently.

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Key Features:

Gentle Fabric Care

First of all, it has Gentle Fabric Care that will help you prevent damage. The diamond drum’s unique “soft curl” design washes the clothes very effectively but is carefully treated.

Magic filter Technology

Additionally, it includes magic filter technology that provides powerful filtering of the magic filter, effectively collecting particles from your clothes so your laundry stays clean and fresh for a while.

Eco Tub

Another essential feature in the washing machine is Eco Tub Cleaning, which has a clean course capability that keeps your top load washer fresh without the use of harsh chemicals.

Child Lock

Securing your washing machine from child activities is much essential but if you don’t know how to do that, no need to worry about it, Due to Samsung offers A child lock system and with the support of this, you can secure your washer from Childs.

Quick Wash Mode

Quick wash mode is a great feature for urbanites because they don’t have much time to spend with it, so quick wash mode can do most of your laundry work in just a few clicks.

Other Features

The Samsung 6.5kg washer has a pretty interesting configuration where it can provide the buyer with a laundry experience impression. let’s have a dive within.

This Samsung Washing Machine features an intuitive LED control panel to slow down and center-jet technology that gives the brand a more powerful wash of your clothes.

And the Air Turbo Auto restart and fully automated technology will help you live life better with the latest technology generation, power filtration with Magic Lint Filter, Tempered Glass Window, and Diamond Drum for gentle fabric care.

The Delicate wash mode is used for wool fabrics to wash delicate items such as sweaters and cardigans.  without any damages. India’s particular mode of washing and turning clothes reduces drying time during the monsoon.

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